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Dr. Michael Kennedy’s Neck and Back Pain Clinics specializes in all of the various treatments that promote spinal and overall health. While you are in our care, you can expect to receive the following treatments:

Manual and Non-force Adjustment/Chiropractic Manipulation

Chiropractic manipulation is the typical therapeutic treatment for neck and back pain. The purpose of the manipulation is to reduce the subluxation, which is simply the misalignment or altered positions of the spine causing pain and loss of function. In our office, Dr. Kennedy performs all of the manipulations himself and takes great care to ensure comfort and effectiveness.

Physiotherapy/Physical Therapy

Our clinics offer extensive therapies to complement your chiropractic manipulations. Electric muscle stimulation, ultrasound therapy, hydrotherapy, cervical traction, lumbar traction, hot and cold therapy, M.T., diathermy, exercise therapy, nutritional support, and more are used to ensure that your treatments are as effective as possible.

Each of these treatments help to alleviate back and neck pain and promote overall healing. When your spine is aligned, your entire body is able to function more efficiently and effectively. Therefore, make sure to only trust your spine to a professional, who provides comprehensive services that treat the entire body.

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